Spring ’17 has Wrapped

Thanks to everyone for joining us this spring! The playoffs are completed and congratulations to Karl DeAngelo, who smoked the competition for his third league title in 4 seasons. We’ll announce a schedule for fall sometime in June. If you’re not currently on our email list and would like to be notified for upcoming seasons, please fill out the contact form.



Spring ’17 Final Standings
Final Standings
Rank Player
1 Karl DeAngelo
2 Brent Stoddard
3 Jay Collins
4 David Oliver
5 Mark Schulz
5 Johnny Modica
7 Tim Moyers
8 Rob Smith
9 Kevin Glass
10 Ron Rezendes
11 Tim Crowley
12 Luca Varriale
13 Laura Stoddard
14 Paul Salim
15 Brian Krivonak
16 Jordan Cooper
17 Pat Choy
18 Kyle Smith
19 Kent Fund
20 Mark Hills
21 Kira Parser
22 Adam Babashoff
23 Jef Lepine
24 Jeff Wade

Fall 2017 Schedule

Stay tuned for details…

League Shirts

Shirts are currently unavailable but if there is enough interest in the future, I can re-open a teespring campaign.

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